Tank C2-S


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Test product – you can’t buy it, we can’t buy it, and don’t expect it to be on Autotrader.

Challenger 2 Tank – Streetfighter variant

120mm main gun L30A1 rifled
‘Dorchester’ second-gen Chobham reactive armour on turret
ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) can be fitted as an extra
360 degree Iron Vision system for external viewing

Seats 4 not suitable for the school run, and parking at the supermarket might cause some issues.
Fuel capacity – 1592 litres
Range – 160miles off road / 360 on road
Engine V12 26.1 litre Perkins Diesel
BHP – 1200 (890kW)

Top speed – On road 37 mph / Off road 25 mph

Weight – 62.5 to 87.5 Tonnes
Length – 13.5m with gun forward
Width – 4.2m with extra applique armour
Height – 2.49m

Has Hydropneumatic suspension and a ground clearance of 0.5m

It’s pricey, but if you’ve already bought the LCAC Hovercraft, this will be a nice addition to your new fleet !


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